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Top 5 Golf Apparel Brands To Lookout For This Holiday Season

Top 5 Golf Apparel Brands To Lookout For This Holiday Season

As we all know, golf is quite an expensive hobby. From clubs to golf balls, to clothing and greens fees, the amount of money we spend every year can quickly add up. Luckily the holiday season offers us a chance to save some hard-earned cash and stock up on the necessities when they are offered at cost. 

Usually, our wardrobes take a beating throughout the course of a season from sun exposure, sweat stains, and probably a random mustard stain or two from the hotdogs at the turn. Below we’ll highlight some up-and-coming companies to look out for this holiday season to revamp your closet/style and hopefully save a little bit of cash while doing so. (In no particular order)

  1. Bad Birdie

  2. Rhoback

  3. Sunday Swagger

  4. Swannies Golf

  5. Birds of Condor

Bad Birdie

Bad Birdie new collection photo

Bad Birdie is a relatively new clothing brand that has a goal to shed new light on an old game. They want to break the rigid traditions and negative stigmas that are often associated with the game of golf. Bad Birdie believes they can accomplish that by creating a new culture of self-expression and a feeling of community when you wear their products. 

Bad Birdie has loads of fun prints and designs for men, women, and kids. They offer a product line of polos, t-shirts, quarter zips, and more. With prices ranging from $32 to $100, be on the lookout for discounts and year-end sales this season to snag some of their gear.



Rhoback - white polo picture with dog

Rhoback is more of your traditional golf attire brand but it also caters to performance apparel such as t-shirts, shorts, and jogger pants. Rhoback’s golf line offers polos, quarter zips, and vests. Their prints and designs favor golf’s more traditional styles like pinstripes, solid colors, and polka dot options. However, keep an eye out for their seasonal clothing drops that center around Christmas, Halloween, and city-inspired prints. 

Their apparel line is on the pricier side with polo’s averaging $94, vests $138, and Q-zips $118-$124. With that being said, as they drop new product lines and phase out certain prints this holiday season, you’ll have an opportunity to snag some of their products at a discount. 


Sunday Swagger

Sunday Swagger - boys laughing playing golf

Sunday Swagger is another one of those new and loud apparel brands that are trying to change the style of your local course. They offer the usual suspects of polos, Q-zips, and t-shirts for men, women, and kids. 

Sunday Swagger offers prints that you often don’t see anywhere else but out on the beach on vacation. But these new polo designs and prints offer a great reminder that the main focus for us weekend warriors should be to have fun. Their polos start at $59, Q-zips at $79, and T-shirts at $28. Check out their closeout section for up to 24% off right now and keep an eye out for any Black Friday sales. 


Swannies Golf

Swannies Golf - Polos playing golf

Swannies Golf is another new brand that caters to the more traditional styles of golf apparel design. One area they pride themselves on is utilizing recycled fabrics to reduce their carbon footprint. They got their start by inventing a soft-spiked golf sandal to promote golf as a casual and relaxed game and adopted that same mentality when they launched their apparel line. 

Their apparel ranges from, what appears to be the standard, of $30-$100. They frequently run pop-up 48-hour warehouse sales where you can try out their clothing for up to 50% off. 


Birds of Condor

Birds of Condor - golf and streetwear brand

Birds of Condor has blended their other passions for surfing and music and brought over that style and influence into their golf apparel line. Their whole range of clothes is full of funky prints, logos, patterns, and more ranging from $30 to $100. 

Birds of Condor seems to be more of a company that is injecting its love of golf into streetwear-style apparel rather than clothes you’ll see someone wearing on the course. Nevertheless, it gives the fashion-forward golfer the ability to represent their love of the game off of the links without looking like they want to be on tour every day. 

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