A Golfer’s Best Friend?

A Golfer’s Best Friend?


Rhoback Polo and dog

Let’s set the stage. A midsummer tee-time with the sun doing what it does best—namely radiating its 100+ degree rays on your back. Before you’ve even finished warming up your swing you can feel your 100% cotton polo clinging to you like moss on a tree. 

If you started sweating reading that sentence then you share a common problem with the thousands of other weekend golfers. Although Golf equipment has evolved leaps and bounds over the past decade the apparel, for the most part, got left behind. 

Luckily for us, In recent years golf has undergone a shift and more start-up apparel companies are supplying much needed flair, style, and performance to golf attire. Rhoback, a modern-day golf apparel company is bringing your golf attire into the present day. Finally bridging the gap between fashion and functionality to keep you looking and feeling your best on the course.


Rhoback got its start in 2017 when a husband and wife duo, Matt and Kristina Loftus, used the resources of a University of Virginia Business program to get them off the ground. They sought out to fill a gap in the market of stylish performance wear. Their founder said “they had the goal of being a cross between the functionality of Under Armour with the style offerings of Vineyard Vines.”

The Story Behind Rhoback’s Unique Name

If dogs are a man’s best friend, then Rhoback has become a golfer’s best friend. Rhoback gets its name from the dog breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. It’s a breed not only known for its unlimited energy but also, the distinct raised ridge of fur that runs down its spine. You’ll see the homage paid to the Ridgeback by the unique two stripe pattern that’s centered on the back of every shirt below the collar. You’ll also find the symbolism in the company’s motto, #craveactivity, which is a nod to the Ridgeback’s energizer bunny ability. 


Product Offerings

Rhoback’s main goal with their whole apparel line is to create products that can seamlessly transition from work to the tennis court, the golf course to happy hour, or the beach to a candlelit dinner. Since inception, Rhoback’s apparel line has grown to include: 

  • Polos 

  • Long Sleeve Polos

  • Q-zips

  • Vests

  • Hoodies

  • Short and Longsleeve T-shirts 

  • Shorts 

  • Joggers 


Rhoback Mens Hoodie


Rhoback’s polos, Q-zips, and hoodies all are offered in a wide variety of styles and patterns from: 

  • Solid patterns 

  • Stripped patterns

  • Unique print patterns

They often release seasonal, holiday specific, and sports team related prints year round to keep you festive or ready for gameday. 


Men's Polo Shirt Rhoback

Product Performance

As mentioned above, Rhoback wants to fill the void between style and athletic wear. Their full apparel line will include performance features such as: 

  • Material blend of polyester and spandex

  • 4-way stretch 

  • Moisture wicking 

  • Self-collar that won’t bend and wrinkle over time

  • UPF 40-50 sun protection

  • Tagless and soft feel 


Bottom Line

If you’re a weekend warrior golfer (like the majority of us) the least we can do is show up to the course in style. Look good, play mediocre. Rhoback has you covered on the course with an almost unlimited amount of unique prints and patterns to their apparel line. All while delivering a fabric that will keep you cool, protect you from the sun, and have you swinging freely.  

Gone are the days of poorly performing golf clothes that leave you looking like you jumped in a pool mid round. If you're tired of this being you out on the course, give Rhoback a chance to earn a spot in your closet. You’ll likely find you feel better on the course and the cart girl may even give you a second look.

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