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Our Favorite Gift Ideas For The Traveling Golfer

Our Favorite Gift Ideas For The Traveling Golfer

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like the golfers in your life have everything they could ever want? 

Sometimes, this is true; golfers love gear. 

However, golfers who travel need different gear from those playing around the corner from their house. If you are looking for some fun, practical and fresh gifts for golfers who travel, we have you covered. 

Be prepared there may be something on this list you want for yourself! 

Green Books

GolfLogix Green Books

GolfLogix Green Book on grass

One of the most difficult parts of traveling and playing golf is not having any details of the course you are playing. Knowing how the green slopes, or how far you have until you hit the sand trap, is so beneficial. 

If you have a golfer in your life who has a big trip coming up, see if you can find a Green Book for the course they are headed to. Green Books are available for more than 10,000 golf courses. 

The books have color heat maps to help plan approach, chip, and pitch shots and ultimately get the ball in the hole much quicker. This is a special gift and one that will also help with scoring low. 

Travel Bag 

A2 Backpack R

A2 Jones Backpack

The Jones A2 Backpack from Jones Sports Co is a great gift idea for the traveling golfer. In addition to having plenty of room and organization features, there is also a lot of space. We love the padded shoulder straps and the water bottle sleeves. 

The color options here are top of the line. They are just unique enough to know which bag is yours but subtle enough to look classy. Traveling golfers can put all their accessories and electronics in this bag and protect them for the next trip. 

Spikeless Golf Shoes 

True All Day Ripstop

true linkswear spikeless shoe


Spikeless golf shoes are so convenient when traveling. Instead of having to worry about packing golf shoes and day-to-day shoes, you can transfer from plane to course without having to stop. 

True Linkswear has some great styles and designs. These shoes are comfortable and have enough traction and stability to help even the faster swing speed golfers. 

When spikeless shoes are worn on and off the course, the bottoms wear down faster; you may want to grab two pairs. 


The Prism

pinned golf range finder


A golf rangefinder is a great gift for a traveling golfer. The Pinned rangefinders come in various colors, get quick yardages, and are the perfect size to travel with. Our favorite part of the Pinned rangefinder is that it is rechargeable and will last for up to 60 rounds on one charge. 

Charge this one up before a trip and have all the yardages you need the entire time you are away. 

Golf Towel 

Magnetic Towel Bundle (2 Greenside)

Ghost Golf Towel


A golf towel is a great solution if you are looking for a more affordable gift for a traveling golfer. Ghost Golf makes a magnetic golf towel that is perfect for travel. The towel comes in a variety of colors, is easy to attach to golf clubs or bags, and has a perfect weave for cleaning grooves. 

Expert tip: When you put your golf clubs in the travel bag, wrap the towel around the clubheads. An extra layer of protection can't hurt! 

Quarter Zip 

McKinnon Quarter Zip

swannies quarter zip

Ask any golfer how they feel about the quarter zip, and you will probably get a positive response. In fact, these things are so common they now get the name "Q-Zip" from most players. 

There are lots of different quarter zip options out there, but we like the fresh designs from Swannies Golf. The great thing about quarter zip golf jackets for travel is that you can use them on and off the course. 

For a morning round or a later afternoon when the temperature starts to drop, pull this one out of the bag. 

Ultimate Carry On 

Birdie Bag

Birdie bag by Stitch

Stitch Golf does a great job with apparel and travel gear, but the Birdie Bag is a unique option for the traveling golfer. This is a golf cooler bag that turns into a carry on or work bag. The Birdie Bag comes with removable inserts, so its functionality can be customized. 

Have you noticed that there is a theme throughout our entire guide on the best gift ideas for traveling golfers? 

Almost all of these gifts have more than one use. 

The 3 in 1 bag is perfect for travel, but it's usable for life at home as well. 

Take advantage of these types of products to get the traveling golfer the best gear out there. 

Putting Aid

Putting Circuit Trainer - 3 Part System

Eyeline Golf putting trainer


Traveling golfers are often away from their home course and practice facilities for extended periods. We all know that the first part of the game to go in these situations is the short game. 

With the Eyeline Golf Circuit Trainer, you can develop a training plan and work with the tool to gain confidence in your putting game. The Eyeline Circuit Trainers give you 12 putting drills that are completely unique, and all have instructional videos. 

Even better news: they are small enough to make it easy to travel. 

Devil Ball

Devil Ball Trainer

Another great training aid that the traveling golfer can throw in their travel bag is the Putt Out Devil Ball. The Devil Ball is designed to exaggerate the angle of the putter's face at impact. 

Therefore, if you hit the putter with a closed or open putter face, your end result will be extreme left or right. With a flat face, you get the desired result: a straight putt. 

Training with the Devil Ball is twice as hard as training with a real golf ball; therefore, it works for golfers of all abilities. If you can't have the putting green with you, you might as well simulate it with a training tool like this. 

Final Thoughts 

Golfers who travel often have to be smart about the type of gear they invest in; there is only so much you can bring with you. We love these versatile options, and the traveling golfer in your life will appreciate the unique and multi-functional gift.

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