Apparel For Women Living The Under Par & Overdressed Lifestyle

Apparel For Women Living The Under Par & Overdressed Lifestyle

Timeless tradition and personal expression uniquely define the game of golf. Courses that created the USGA in 1894 remain key destinations in the 21st century. And throughout that time, each player’s appearance and performance remain intertwined. The great Arnold Palmer, who was renowned for his own style and appearance, said, “It seemed like (golfers) that were really good always had a neat style for dressing.” 

No company understands the importance of golf’s “dress for success” tradition like Byrdie Golf Social Wear, a modern luxury apparel brand for women focused on the timeless and elegant styles of golf’s golden era. 

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between modern fashion and performance while paying homage to the sophistication and style for our matriarch’s wardrobes.”

Based in Charlotte, NC, Byrdie Golf Social Wear was founded in 2021 by Rachelle Wates and Hayden Shoffner. With their luxury fashion background and love of the game, Wates and Shoffner understood the significance of a brand of fashionable performance golf apparel made by women, for women. Customers who may be new to the game can now have the confidence to pursue playing. Those that currently play have a stylish performance brand to allow them to go out and play their best. 

“Now women of all ages and handicaps seek out Byrdie Golf for their feel good, look good, play good approach to the game and lifestyle that surrounds club sport.”

Byrdie Golf Social Wear’s catalog of truly unique womenswear redefines the concept of functional fashion. Their products offer a variety of cuts and options to suit individual preferences. Additionally, their user-friendly size guide and detailed specs for each item eliminate guesswork and allow customers to purchase with confidence. 

Below are a few featured selections:

Range Vest – $195

women in a range vest

A common mistake made by golfers is overcommitting to weather conditions. Cloud cover and changing winds are sure to fluctuate throughout a round. The Range Vest is a versatile option to keep you feeling as good as you look. 

Worth Skort Ditsy Floral – $105

woman in a floral skirt

A staple for golfers and socialites alike. This attractive and practical skort with retro-modern design really highlights the form and function inherent in the Byrdie Golf Social Wear’s namesake.   

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